Type: Residential building

Area: 520 m2
Year: 2021
Phase: In construction
Client: Private

City life dynamics and obligations nowadays are distant from the ones that people had back in the day. People live in apartments and spend most of their time indoors: work, sports, meetings with friends, transportation, and others. Having a house on one side means constant attention and maintenance. On the other side, it instantly answers our biological need of being outdoors which is vital to our mental and physical health. With the location of this house in Shumen, Bulgaria you can keep the connection with the city and at the same time take advantage of all outdoor benefits, a luxe that’s increasingly rare.

Therefore, a broad topic in architectural design, is the relationship between built-up area and outdoor space. When it comes to housing, achieving a good balance between the two of them is of great importance.


The location of the property is in a village zone with low-rise buildings and narrow streets. Therefore, the need to fit the extensive functional program in a volume with a reasonable scale and a feel for a single-family house has become a major challenge for the project.


The building’s structural and visual logic divides it into several volumes treated with different materials. Their configuration eliminates the need for additional construction, which makes the whole intervention tight and compact.

The ground floor, which houses the garage and service area, is treated in two different ways: the north side with raw concrete, forming a common element with the fence and retaining walls, and the south part with pink plaster. Above the concrete volume lies white cantilever- the first residential floor.

In the pink volume of the building is situated the living and dining area stairwell. The entrance area from the street is formed in a covered niche. Low maintenance extensive green roof is covering the pink segment.

A tree in a pot and facade opening with glass bricks, passing through the stairwell, is enriching the east facade and the street silhouette.


Еxternal stairs connect the yard with the street level and the two residential levels.

The white volume, in the western part, is brought forward, which allows, without additional elements, to form a covered veranda with small summer barbecue.

The landscape in the western part of the yard, is characterized by contrasts, as well as the treatment of the building itself. The northern part of the pool is composed of gravel and ornamental plants, while the southern half is grassed and framed with thuja hedge.

The residential part of the second level is oriented to the beautiful south view of the city. The accent of the south facade is the steel polycarbonate structure, which acts as a canopy, and at the same time its drainage complements the vegetation