Type: Single family house
Area: 220 m2
Year: 2021
Client: Private

The building site provides a stunning view of the Madara plateau, part of one of the most interesting archeological reserves in Bulgaria. The architectural design of the house is a good example of affordable and recognizable construction typology, which is easy to implement. All functional elements interior and open air verandas are placed under one common roof, forming a clean and sound look. With attention and care in the detail we believe that the house moves away and stands out from the mainstream approach and result.


The drainage of roof water is carried out, instead of through gutters, with decorative rain chains. Traditionally, this technique originated in Japanese architecture as a way of creating a relaxing atmosphere. Contemplation of running water, as well as the sounds of it is considered one of the most relaxing things. The chain divides the water into special colored corners with hidden, in the ground, drainage pipes.

The large French glazing is oriented towards the yard, which creates a special contact between floor and ceiling. The glazing divides the facade into fragments, which form a pleasant rhythm along the eastern facade. The glazing refers to a curious transition zone at the interior level, solved with natural wood flooring and wooden cladding of the roof ceiling.