Type: Residential Interior
Area: 110 sq.m.
Project: 2021
Stage: In construction

Client: Private

The main design approach of this apartment is segmenting all rooms through the color-blocking principle. The ‘blocks’ allow small rooms to be broken up into separate functions, like tiny rooms within a room. These separations give us the freedom to use a wide range of colors and materials while avoiding visual conflicts.


The kitchen and dining area are visually separated from one another, by changing the floor and wall finishes. The sandy neutral tones in the kitchen bring the necessary balance opposed to the wood, gray and black in the living room. This preserves the predominant feeling of warmth and familiarity to the space. In the living room, the bespoke furniture elements are unobtrusive and moderate accent against the background of predominantly white walls and ceilings.

An unavoidable addition to a modern home is the home fitness area. In this case, it is an interior design element- а perforated plywood wall, a functional, yet captivating detail.