Type: Residential Interior
Area: 120 sq.m.
Project: 2022
Stage: In construction

The renovation project of young family’s apartment includes a cardinal transformation of the functional design of the dwelling.

The kitchen, typically for the contemporary lifestyle, is relocated in the common room and in its place there is an office for work from home. The other two rooms are easily converted into a master bedroom and a children’s room, the bathroom redesigned with dry and wet area.


The main challenge in the project is to properly arrange the open-plan, oblong great room in the apartment. In order to make it functional and cozy, the dining table is located in the middle of the room. A bespoke kitchen island is designed for the occasion, in order to save space in the narrow interior, by including built-in banquette seating. Thus, the kitchen gradually flows into the dining and living room.





We designed a bespoke hanging shelf, above the dining table, connected with drip irrigation, passing through the suspended ceiling. In this way, plants become the main decorative element in the design of the living room, without obstructing the passage.

A modular sofa and a bookshelf with a minimalist design in the living room form a corner for reading and watching TV. All colors in the rooms are bright and the combination with wood makes the atmosphere cozier. The original oak parquet flooring in the living room and in bedrooms is preserved and renovated in order to keep some of the authentic atmosphere of the dwelling. The flooring in the corridor, bathroom, and kitchen is covered with granite tiles with figural motifs, which brings contrast to the interior and visually connects the separate rooms.

The exposed white brick wall in the bedroom gives a sense of history to the home and makes the room bright and airy. The vanity has a multifunctional design- in the meantime it can be an additional workplace without compromising the aesthetics and relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom.

The wardrobes in all bedrooms have a similar design with a readable color corps. The furniture has a similar design, but also its individuality, relative to the room. Interior design aims to achieve coziness without unnecessary decoration and overcrowding of different materials.