Type: Office space
Area: 150 m2
Project: 2022

Client: Accedia JSC

The presence of outdoor space in the workplace is an emerging trend that aims to reduce stress, build teams and improve the physical activity of employees. Spending more time outdoors improves health and creates better social interactions.

Therefore, the team of the software company Accedia asked us to adapt their existing rooftop terrace at their office building in a way to become more alluring to company’s employees.

 The vast open-air space of 240 square meters, with a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the peaks of Vitosha mountain, is not actively used by Accedia’s team, due to the lack of suitable shading and comfortable places for informal meetings and recreation. 

architectural plan terrace

A major problem with rooftop terraces is the overheating during the hot summer months. Therefore, it’s essential to provide the right sun protection to create proper environment during the day.

Pergolas with construction of structural timber and white textile make the space cozier and create proper shading. In order to be installed without anchoring in the building slab, a bespoke powder-coated metal foundations are provided. The construction of the pergolas frames the low seating zones, making them more private and suitable for rest and informal conversations. The seating furniture is carefully selected: lounge chairs and sofas with ergonomic design that are both comfortable and suitable for outdoor use.

Apart from the pergolas, the areas with low seating are also distinguished by a change of flooring. The existing slabs of the double floor in these areas have been replaced by natural decking, which contributes to the design of the project and brings additional color. Along the periphery of the terrace, it curves into a multipurpose furniture: on the one hand it becomes additional seating place, sit oriented towards the office interior, and on the other, flower pots with rich greenery – decorative grasses and evergreen shrubs.

The design concept includes two green walls of natural plants located at the two opposite ends of the terrace. As an additional element of the landscaping, they have integrated three-dimensional LED sign with the company’s logo, which aims to show that the details in the design of the terrace are intended precisely for the specific brand.

One of the main desires by the client’s was to add a mini water pond as an additional feature of the exterior landscaping. The bar-table with a water mirror and a planter with decorative grasses is oriented towards the best view of Vitosha. The water flows from it like a small waterfall in a miniature artificial pond. This creates an interesting look and additional coolness in the summer. At night, the decorative lighting reflected in the water surface completes the atmosphere of the roof terrace.

The idea for the renovation of Accedia’s rooftop terrace comes from the need of an outdoor space that can be used both during worktime and in the evening for after-hours events, informal meetings and team-building activities. The area, framed by the decorative light garlands, allows different scenarios of use. Depending on the arrangement of the furniture it can be a cocktail area, a karaoke stage, a bar, a dance floor, a catering area, etc.