Type: Residential Interior
Area: 70 sq.m.
Project: 2021
Stage: In construction

Client: Private

The apartment is situated in downtown Sofia, in a building built in the 60s of the XX century. The main challenge in the renovation is to adapt the spaces to the modern way of living.

In the past, due to the lack of artificial ventilation, the combination of kitchen and living room was extremely unusual. On the other hand, the classic lobby – too extravagant for the scale of the home – is undergoing a transformation. Therefore, in its place, next to the living room are positioned the kitchen and dining room.


The old kitchen has been transformed into a children’s room, and in the transition areas there are wardrobes hidden in the wall. The detail of the ceilings that unites all the rooms is a modern reading of the classic detail, inspired by the design of the building itself.

The other important unifying element are the floorings, which flow smoothly through all rooms, without interruption, as the material is changed from granite to natural three-layer parquet, depending on the requirements and the way of operation in the respective area. The dominant color in the apartment is blue-green. It is present in different forms in all rooms, and its combination with wooden elements gives a balance between warmth and saturation.